Discipleship Sermons  

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Bro. Danny Dalton has been teaching us on discipleship. Due to
the popularity of these sermons in the church it has been requested
that they be posted here for all to hear. Bro. Dalton has also taught
us on Basic Theology and the Book of Romans. These are some of
the best teachings on the great topics of the Christian faith. May 
the Lord richly bless you as you listen.


 1- Called/Chosen To Be A Disciple(An Eternal Call)

 2- Restoration To That Which Was Lost

 3- Beholding Him and Being In Him(part 1)           

 4- Beholding Him and Being In Him(part 2)

 5- Knowing Our Position(Identity and Authority)

 6- Called To Learn(Necessity of Truth)

 7- Chosen to Work as the Master(Sent as Ambassadors of Redemption)

 8- Stewards of the Manifold Grace of God

9-The Power of the Disciple(Holy Ghost Anointing)

10- Bearing Witness to the Resurrection and Kingdom(Holiness and Miracles)

11-Prayer/Personal Worship(part 1)

12- Prayer/Personal Worship(part 2)