Convention Sermons

2019 Convention Sermons:
Eunice: the Transmitter(Clyde Chan)
Finishing Like You Started(Glen Meacum)
Freedom(Mike Flowers)
Getting Ready for God's Glory(part 1)(Lloyd Sheucraft)
Getting Ready for God's Glory(part 2)(Lloyd Sheucraft)
God's Ravens(L.D. Savage)
Hungry for the Holy Ghost(Lloyd Sheucraft)
I Will Not Be Denied(David Livingston)
Outer Darkness(Lloyd Sheucraft)
Spiritual Poverty(Scott Thornberg)
The Capability of the Vineyard(Eugene Walls)
The Commandment That Matters Most(Jeff Butler)
The Destructive Power of Adultery(Jamie Osbourne)
The God That Answers by Fire(Robbie Hardin)
Todd Belcher's Testimony(Todd Belcher)
Who Do You See(Jonah Dodd)
Young Preacher's Testimonies(Young Preachers)

Two Bonus Sermons by Lloyd Sheucraft:
End-Time Families
Going in the Lord's Power

2018 Convention Sermons: 
A Miracle for This Moment
(Michael Switzer)
Getting a Grip on Truth(Ryan Ralston)

Getting Our Minds Made Up
(Josh Hale)

Give Up or Eat Up(Jud Ingram)
He Will Pick Up the Pieces(David Livingstone)

How to Deal with That Issue
(Brent Gabbard)
Its Time to Be in Astonishment(J.C. Burris)
Keeping Faith Alive(Glen Lucas)

Making Room for God's Presence(Ryan Ralston)
Precious Souls(Stacy Floyd)
The Gospel of the Grace of God(Jonah Dodd)
Three Mortal Sins(Glen Meacum)
Values(Don Ingram)
Walking Through the Door of Liberty(Ryan Ralston)
You Must Die Before You Rise(Matt Richards)

2017 Convention Sermons:

 Unwilling To Be Denied
(Ryan Ralston)
 The Best Is Yet To Come
(Randy Webb)
 The Danger Of A Lost Majesty
(Johnny Gabbard)
 The Spirit Of A Sojourner
(Ryan Ralston)
 Called Unto Prayer
(David Livingstone)
 Why The Wilderness
(Jamie Ellington)
 Falling Or Flying
(Jody Pacerella)
 The Tragedy Of Knowledge Without Action
(Phillip Sanders)
 Have You A Thorn
(Sonny Griswold)
 Trying To Get Home
(Ryan Ralston)

 2016 Convention Sermons:
 A Boundless Blessing
(Ryan Ralston)
 Send The Rain
(Randy Webb)
 All This
(Curtis Teauge)
 Severe Storms and Steadfast Saints
(Jamie Ellington)
(Ryan Ralston)
 Don't be Satisfied with an Angel
(Johnny Gabbard)
 Weary of Worship
(Ryan Ralston)

 2015 Convention Sermons:
 Keeping The Camp Clean
(Curtis Teague)
 Rooted In Pentecost
(Ryan Ralston)
 Overcoming Him
(Curtis Teague)
 Rooted In God's Word
(Ryan Ralston)
 Elder Brother
(Curtis Teague)
 Rooted in Christ
(Ryan Ralston)
 Satan's Trap
(Curtis Teague)