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These sermons and songs are from Convention 2019.

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Eunice: the Transmitter(Clyde Chan)
Finishing Like You Started(Glen Meacum)
Freedom(Mike Flowers)
Getting Ready for God's Glory(part 1)(Lloyd Sheucraft)
Getting Ready for God's Glory(part 2)(Lloyd Sheucraft)
God's Ravens(L.D. Savage)
Hungry for the Holy Ghost(Lloyd Sheucraft)
I Will Not Be Denied(David Livingston)
Outer Darkness(Lloyd Sheucraft)
Spiritual Poverty(Scott Thornberg)
The Capability of the Vineyard(Eugene Walls)
The Commandment That Matters Most(Jeff Butler)
The Destructive Power of Adultery(Jamie Osbourne)
The God That Answers by Fire(Robbie Hardin)
Todd Belcher's Testimony(Todd Belcher)
Who Do You See(Jonah Dodd)
Young Preacher's Testimonies(Young Preachers)

Two Bonus Sermons by Lloyd Sheucraft:
End-Time Families
Going in the Lord's Power


At the Cross(Loftin Girls)
Don't You Think You Ought to Worship Me(Osbourne Family)
He Will Make a Way(Marlena Villines)
He's Good on the Mountain(Sherry Sheucraft)
He's in the House(Livingston Girls)
I Am Blessed(Landmark Trio)
I Am Yours(Sherry Sheucraft)
I Got Blessed(Dean Martin Family)
I Know I'll Be There(Landmark Trio)
I'll Fly Away(MCOT Musicians)
I'm Full(Sherry Sheucraft)
In Christ Alone(Martha Meacum)
It Is Well(MCOT Musicians w/Skip Coffman)
I've Never Been This Homesick Before(Roger Boyd)
Jesus You're the Center of My Joy(MCOT Choir)
Joy in My Heart(MCOT Choir)
Lord of My Heart(MCOT Choir)
My Savior's Love(Marcus and Olivia Johnson)
No Ordinary Worship(Sherry Shuecraft)
None So Lovely(Cribb Family)
Nothing Greater Than Grace(Thornberg Family)
This Little Light of Mine(Steve Orr)
Victory Is Mine(Hertzler Girls)
Where the Roses Never Fade(MCOT Musicians w/Skip Coffman)