Church Of Truth 
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May the Lord fill your heart with his LOVE as you listen to the sermons and songs.  

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Curtis Teague
All This
Keeping The Camp Clean
Overcoming Him
Elder Brother

Satan's Trap 

Mike Blue

A Bowl of Fire
A Strong Tower
A Time of Refreshing
Coming Home
Emptied Out
Going Down Hill Fast
Leaving Lodebar
Leave Me Alone
Lively Stones in a Spiritual House
Living Words In A Dead World
The Life That I Now Live
Three Soldiers at the Cross
The God of All Grace
Shaking Off Shemei

David Livingstone
Called Unto Prayer
He Will Pick Up the Pieces

Dollas Messer

God Justified the Ungodly
How To Live In A Hostile World
Study On The Trinity

Don Rich
The Sinner Man On The Cross With Jesus

Eddie Godbey
Breaking Past Barriers

Don't Let the Door of Mercy Close on You
How Do You Say Jesus
One of the Devil's Favorite Tools
The Spirit of Gentleness
Two Legs and a Piece of an Ear

Glenn Lucas

Add The Footnote (Jam 4:13-15) 
Glenn Vollrath
Will The Next Generation Hope In God

Judd Ingram
His Blood Splatters Are all That Matter
Its Time To Break Your Box
What The Gift Of His Pain Causes You To Gain

Randy Webb

Deliverance From the Mouth of The Lion (2 Tim 4:17)
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Lion is Come Up From His Thicket
Sin Lieth At The Door
 Send The Rain

Ryan Ralston
A Boundless Blessing
Rooted In Pentecost
Rooted In God's Word
Rooted in Christ

The Spirit Of A Sojourner
Trying To Get Home
Unwilling To Be Denied
Weary of Worship

Stacy Floyd
It's Not Rubbish, It's a Wall (Neh 2:9-18)  
Lying To Your Soul

Revival at Midnight
A Great Victory That Could've Been Greater
You Better Kill That Lion While You Can

Sonny Griswold
They Used To Ask Us Questions (Acts 4:5-14)  
Have You A Thorn

Tim Webb

From Gazing To Blazing

Don't Diminish Before The Finish