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Convention Sermons

Discipleship Sermons

A Blessed Nation
A Bowl of Fire(Bro Mike Blue)
A Christmas Journey
A Church Under Divine Judgment
A Compromising Church
A Contaminated Church

A Cloud of Witnesses(Hebrews 12:1)
A Deadly Devine Intervention(Acts 5:1-16)
A Determined Search For A King(part 1)

A Determined Search For A King(part 2)
A Divine Prayer for Spiritual Recovery
A Fruit Bearing Church
A Funeral For Jesus
A Generational Blessing

A God With A Broken Heart
A Godly Seed

A Joyful Mother
A Kingdom Destined for Greatness
A Society Dominated by Satan(John 8:39-59)
A Society Turned Sour

A Man After God's Heart(Acts 13:17-23)
A Missions Minded Church(Phil 4:10-20)
A Motive To Pray(part 1)

A Motive To Pray(part 2)
A Mother's Best Friend(Luke 7:1-15)
A Mother's Influence
A New Beginning
A New Thing
A Perfect Father
A Plea For Revival
A Rock Higher Than I

A Soul At Risk(Proverbs 7)
A Virtuous Woman
A Wake-Up Call
A Wounded Heart
Add The Footnote(Jam 4:13-15)
(Bro. Glenn Lucas)
Agonizing Prayer
All This(Curtis Teague)
An Appeal for a Divine Government
An Appeal for Forgiveness
An Appeal for God's Will
An Appeal for Protection
An Appeal for Spiritual Nourishment
An Appeal for the Necessities of Life
An Overcoming Church

Be Ye Ready(Mat 25:14)
Behold He Cometh

Behold The Man(John 19:1)
Being Fruitful In The Knowledge Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:1)
Being Saved From Satan (Eph 2:1-10)
Blessed Are They That Mourn (Mat 5:1)
Blessed are the Poor In Spirit (Mat 5:1)
Business As Usual

Christmas Without Christ
Coming Home(Bro. Mike Blue)
Committed to Combat
Companions of the Afflicted

Conditional Forgiveness
Conquering Fear Psalms 27:1-14
Crucified Again

Deliverance From the Mouth of The Lion(2 Tim 4:17)(Bro. Randy Webb)
Delivered From Darkness
Divine Directions for Discipleship
Divine Justice
Divine Nostalgia
Divinely Favored Fathers
Don't be Satisfied with an Angel(Johnny Gabbard)
Down But Not Out

Elder Brother(Curtis Teague)
Emptied Out -Bro Mike Blue(Nahum 2:1-2)
Ephesus in the Future
Ephesus in the Past

Ephesus in the Present(part 1)

Ephesus in the Present(part 2)

Facing the Fire of Persecution
Finishing with Joy
Fishers of Men
From Disappointment To Delight Ps 13:1
From Paganism to Pentecost

Fostering An Attitude of Worship
Fruit of the Womb

Fully Persuaded

Gathering With Jesus
Giving Thanks Always (Esp 5:18)
God Justifieth the Ungodly(Dollas Messer)(Romans 4:5)
God's Command to Sinners

God's Unspeakable Gift

God's Word To Sinners
Going Down Hill Fast(Bro Mike Blue)
Grace Showcased(part 1)
Grace Showcased(part 2)

Harvest Time

He Came To Bless Us

Hells Plan B

How Can We Know The Way
How To Live In A Hostile World(Dollas Messer) (1 Peter 4:1)
Hope Beyond This Life

Keeping The Camp Clean(Curtis Teague)
Kingdoms in Conflict

If It Be of God(Acts 5:29)

In Everything Give Thanks

Intercessory Prayer (1 Tim 2:1-6)
It's Not Rubbish, It's a Wall
(Neh 2:9-18)(Bro. Stacy Floyd)

Jesus: The Carpenter

Learning the Urgency of Prayer

Leave Me Alone(Bro Mike Blue)  
Limiting Jesus

Lively Stones in a Spiritual House (1 Pet 1:3, 2:1-5)(Bro. Mike Blue)
Living by Faith(Rom 1:16-17)
Living Victoriously

Living With Jesus(Mat 18:1)      
Living Words In A Dead World(Ezek 37:1-4)(Bro. Mike Blue)

Mark For Mercy
Marriage(Ryan Ralston)
Master of the Storm

None Other Name

Not A Hoof Left Behind (Ex 5:1; 8:25; 10:7)
Not My Father

Our Final Move (2 Cor 5:1-9)
Overcoming Him (Curtis Teague)

Perilous Times

Pitching Your Tents Toward Sodom
Prayer: a Family Affair(part 1)

Prayer: a Family Affair(part 2)
Praying for the Honor of God
Properly Functioning Church
Pure Religion (part 1)
Pure Religion (part 2)

The Abounding Grace

The Agony Of Defeat
The All-Important Knowledge
The Annunciation

The Arrest Of Jesus
The Back Slider's Friend
The Backslider In Heart
The Burial of Jesus
The Call Common to Christians (1 Cor 1:1-2)
The Characteristics of a Rich Church

The Christian Community Acts 4:31
The Church That Lost the Fire

The Church That Prays Together
Acts 4:23-33
The Church with a Little Strength
The Comfort Of A Broken-Hearted Mother

The Comfort of God's People
The Cost of Divine Love
The Crisis of the Cross
The Cross and The World (Gal 6:14)
The Crucifixion Of Jesus
The Cry Of Innocence Blood
The Danger of Delay

The Danger of Discounting the Soul (Mat. 16:24)
The Dangers of Pride

The Danger of No Vision (Proverbs 29:18)
The Defeat Of Death(part 1)
The Defeat Of Death(part 2)
The Defilement of Wrong Doctrine(part 1)
The Defilement of Wrong Doctrine(part 2)
The Dilemma of Youth
The Distinctiveness of God
The Dividing Line

The Divine Summons
The Dynamics Of An Advancing Church
The Exceeding Glory
The Fate of the Faithless
The Faith That Fears Not the Fire
The Faith That Saves
The Father In Jesus Family

The Final Beatitude
The Fiery Trail
The Fight for Faith
The Folly Of The Father

The Forbidden Name
The Foundation for a Well-Ordered Life
The Fruit Bearing Life
The Fruit Of Bitterness
The Function of Godly Men
The Gift Of Holiness And Righteousness
The Global Hatred

The God of Peace
The God of the Fatherless
The God That Saves
The God Who Heals
The Greatest Christmas Gift
The Greatest Commandment

The Honorable Estate
(Heb 13:4)
The Hungry Traveler

The Impact of the Resurrection (Heb 1:3, Rev 1:17-18, I Pet 1:3)
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords
The Lamb's Book of Life (Rev 21:23-27)
The Lament of Lost Opportunity
The Law of Sowing and Reaping

The Law of Thy Mother (Prov 6:20-35)
The Liberated Man

The Life That I Now Live (Gal 2:19-21)(Bro. Mike Blue)
The Lion is Come Up From His Thicket (Jer 4 7-8)(Bro. Randy Webb)
The Lordship Of Jesus Christ

The Lord's Supper
The Loss Of Natural Affection
The Man and His Children
The Man and His Church
The Man and His Devotions(part 1)
The Man and His Devotions(part 2)
The Man and His Heart
The Man and His Wife
The Man Hunter
The Marks of a Thankful People
The Marriage Of The Lamb
The Meaning of the Resurrection
The Message to Pergamous

The Ministry of the Father
The Necessity Of Gethsemane 
The Necessity Of Holiness
The New Man
The Obligations of a Christian Citizen (Rom 13:1-10)
The Path to Peace with God

The Path to Peace with People
The Patience of The Saints (1 Peter 5:1)
The Peace of God
(John 14:27)
The Peace of God (Phil. 4:4-9)

The Peacemakers (Mat 5:1-9)

The Perils of Perverting the Gospel  (Gal 1:1-24)
The Persecuted People (Mat 5:10-12)
The Pleasure Fountain of the Righteous
The Power of a Father's Prayer (Mark 9:14-27)
The Preservation of Israel

The Price and the Profit of Obedience Acts 5:17-32
The Principals of National Interest (2 Chr 17:1)
The Principle of Eternal Life

The Privileged People (Isa 63:7)
The Promise That Outlasted the Church(part 1)

The Promise That Outlasted the Church(part 2)
The Pure In Heart (Mat 5:8) 

The Qualities of a Good Soldier
The Religious Route to Hell (Matt 23:29-37)
The Resurrection from Hell's Perspective
The Return of the King

The Revelation of Jesus Christ- What He Has Done (Rev 1:1-7)
The Road To Hell
The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
The Satisfying of the Human Soul
The Satisfying of a Searching Soul

The Saving of the Soul

The Savior and The Sinner
The Severity of God

The Sinner Man On The Cross With Jesus(Bro. Don Rich)
The Seed of Abraham
The Second Greatest Commandment(part 1)

The Second Greatest Commandment(part 2)
The Security of the Believer
The Spiritual Life Of The Christian

The Sufficiency of God
The Temptation of Jesus
The Ten Commandments
The Verse That Changed The World
The Urgency of Time
The Watchman

They Loved His Appearing
They Used To Ask Us Questions(Acts 4:5-14)(Bro. Sonny Griswold)
Thinking God's Way About Souls

Three Soldiers at the Cross(Bro Mike Blue)
The Watershed Issue

Thwarting Temptation

Prayer and Fasting

Rahab The Harlot
Reasons to Give Thanks

Redemption (1 Peter 1:15-20)
Revival in the Graveyard(Bro Mike Blue)
Rooted in Christ(Ryan Ralston)
Rooted In God's Word(Ryan Ralston)
Rooted In Pentecost
(Ryan Ralston)
Ruined Religion

Salvaging Youthful Days
Satan's Footprint (Mark 9:14-29)
Satan's Trap (Curtis Teague)
Selected to Live (Gen 6:1-14, Heb 11:6-7)
Severe Storms and Steadfast Saints(Jamie Ellington)
Shedding Innocent Blood (2 Kings 21:15,24:1)
Signs of the Times

Sin Lieth At The Door (Gen 4:1-7)(Bro. Randy Webb)
Soldiers Worthy Of Divine Honour

Steadfast Unto The End

Strong Men
Study On The Trinity(Bro Dollas Messer)
Such As I Have
Suffering According To The Will Of God

Unblameable in Holiness
Under Estimating Jesus
Unfinished Business
Unstable Souls (James 1:5-27)

Walking Like Wise Men

Wisdom's Invitation
When Life Is More Bitter Than Death (1 Kings 19:1-21)
When Life Is More Bitter Than Death (Job 3)

Wheat and Tares

When Faithfull Men Are Few
When He Shall Appear
When The Wicked Please God
When They Knew God
Will The Next Generation Hope In God(Bro. Glen Vollrath)
World Changers (Mat 5:13-16)
Worship Initiated By The Flesh Gal 5:16
Worshiping God In Sprit and Truth(John 4:1)
Your Best Friend

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