Church Of Truth 
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Welcome to the Church of Truth

William H. Preskitt, Jr.  (Bro. Bill)

1400 Joseph Martin Highway
Martinsville, VA 24112

Phone: 276-632-1663

    I am thankful for your interest in the Martinsville Church of Truth.  I welcome you to the assembly and pray that you will find a warm and worshipful atmosphere.

     I wish I could tell you that you have found the perfect church, but that would be far from the truth. I can tell you, however, that the Martinsville Church of Truth is serious about its relationship with Christ and its witness to the world. The people of this church come from a multitude of backgrounds to worship God and to edify one another. They will work with you in developing your spiritual life. They will care about you and love you with a Christian love. They are Christ-centered people with a desire to know more about Him and to be made like Him.

     I trust that your experience with the church will be profitable and that you will desire to associate with this assembly in pursuing the will of God and doing the work of God.  

     The Martinsville Church of Truth is the result of the missionary effort of the Danville Church of Truth in Danville, Va. The church operated as a mission outreach of the Danville Church of Truth for many years with various pastors. The church eventually developed into a self-supporting assembly, but continues to maintain strong ties with the church in Danville.

     We are a Holiness Church located in Martinsville, Va.   In general the Martinsville Church of Truth is part of the universal church of the Lord Jesus Christ, composed of all true believers. In particular, the church identifies with that branch of Christianity having its roots in the Holiness-Pentecostal movement, and more especially, with that segment which retains the proper emphasis on separation from the world and victory over sin, both inward and outward.  


Emphases of the Church

      The Trinity of the Godhead
      The Deity of Jesus
      The new birth.
      The sanctifying of the believer.
      The baptism of the Holy Ghost.
      The holiness of the believers walk.
      The Great Commission.
      The imminent return of the Lord Jesus.
      The fellowship of believers.
      The Christian home.
      The Christian education of our children.
      Divine healing of our bodies
      Eternal life to the righteous
      Eternal punishment of the lost